Laloirelle Renew & Regenerate Face Soap

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Gently remove impurities with this five-citrus plant-based cleanser, including Bergamot and Blood orange loaded with ultra-rich vitamin-C and skin nurturing properties, to help reinforce the skin’s natural barrier for healthier, smoother, and more nourished skin. Laloirelle Renew & Regenerate Face Soap cleanser is great for dry or aging skin. (Made in the USA, 85% Organic.)

4 oz (4-month supply)
For Skin Types: All skin types
Aroma: Herbal, fruity

Key Herbal Ingredients:

  • Bergamot Oil: Antioxidant, Calming
  • Blood Orange Oil: Antioxidant, Anti-Aging
  • Tangerine Oil: Circulatory Enhancer, Relaxant
  • Orange Peel Oil: Antioxidant, Calming
  • Lime Oil: Antioxidant, Antibacterial


  1. RICH FOAM FORMULATION: Great for All Skin Type for both women and men. It’s easy to rinse off while keeping skin soft.
  2. A BLOCK OF PLANT OILS + HERBAL EXTRACTS: Remove impurities and pore-clogging oils while nurturing skin in once-step with our natural soap cleansers, with NO Artificial Colorant or Fragrant
  3. PURE AND EFFECTIVE: Crafted with 100% natural-origin ingredients. 85% of the ingredients are USDA certified organic. 
  4. SUSTAINABLE PACKAGING: 100% of the packaging material is recyclable.

How to Use:

Wet both palms of your hands, and then rub the soap a few times. Next, add some water to your palms and rub them to generate foam. Massage the foam onto your face gently and rinse well with warm water. Use the soap every morning and evening.